foreign feelings



I can’t understand why the people are afraid to ridiculous. More especific, why the people try to be amazing and spectacular and “PERFECT”? Why the people can’t understand and can’t stand that the “ridiculous people” are better than them? That is, if one person used to do stupid things or used to laugh and to do laughing, is necessarily this person a fool or a joke? Do this people deserve that the -stupid- “amazing” people treat them like black points in the society, unables of doing interesting or genial things?


Well, is so clear that not. But, I cant’t stop thinking about this, because I don’t understand why someone would think that he/she is higher than another; this is the most selfish’s proof in someone. Because, the “ridiculous people” is really happy, he/she is capable of laughing of his/her mistakes and go on, of really learning. Not all people can do it, many “amazing people” can’t do it, although as many of them -mysteriously- have some “power” over the idiot’s mass called “people” and more known as “they”, they try extinguish, embarrassing to the “ridiculous people”. Is a way of control, a way for don’t feel that sometimes are mistaken, that can’t go on and correct them… like the “ridiculous people”.


The “amazing people” aren’t amazing. They can’t be better. They don’t know how to be better because they only know embarrassing to who can do it. Is their way of forgetting their poverty’s soul, because this people haven’t known to bear the hits of the life. Any hit. They believe to have a power over someone because don’t have power over themselves.


The only way of holding this power is when you can hold the laugh about yourself. This is harder than looks it.
PS: Sorry if the text is very basic in its english grammar or redaction or anything… I tried it! xD


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